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Customer Responsibility


A security system is an electronic device.  They can malfunction or fail without notifying our central station.  Additionally, a phone line can stop working and responsibilitymake communication with our central station impossible.  Please check your alarm system periodically to avoid the possibility of failure. Every contact point can be checked by placing your system in the chime mode than opening each window. Your keypad will chime indicating it successfully acknowledged the contact opening. After checking each device on the system, notify our central station that you are going to set off your alarm. Do this by arming your system than opening an exterior door. Once the siren sounds turn the alarm off, then wait for our central station to call you back to confirm the communication was successful.  You can also call our central station directly to help you perform these tests.

Disconnecting Phone Lines

We understand that in today's world many people are disconnecting their home phone lines because people now use cell phones for most calls. So paying AT&T or another phone company an additional $30 per month for a phone line they never use just doesn't make sense. At Guardian Alarm, we have several solutions for customers that don't have or want a phone line. We value the loyalty of our customers and so we have a couple of programs in place to help update their systems.  

The following upgrade options are available to all customers that have been with Guardian Alarm for 2 years or longer.

Wireless Communication

With a $99.00 Activation Fee + $85 Service Charge ($184.00), we will install a wireless communication solution that allows you to disconnect your phone line, saving you money every month.  

Interactive Home/Business Solutions

Many of our current customers have security systems that will allow for today's modern interactive solutions like; controlling the security system, lights, door locks, thermostat, garage door and more, all from your cell phone.  Click here for more information on the interactive home.  Rates for the Interactive Solutions are available here.

System Upgrades

If your current security system does not support the interactive home features, upgrade options are available.

For only $299 and signing a new 2-year contract with Auto Pay; we will upgrade an old security system. This will give you a 1-year warranty on the new panel and allow you to take advantage of the Interactive Home and mobile app feature that are available today. See Rates here.

  • New Keypads are available for $99 per Keypad 
  • While upgrading the system if the technician determines other equipment is faulty additional charges may apply.

If you have any System Upgrade questions please call our office at 318-688-4698

  • Guardian Alarm Systems is the innovative leader in security services in Northwest Louisiana. We have led the way in developing custom solutions for many of your neighbors and businesses.  With our Underwriters Laboratories "UL" Five Diamond central monitoring station in Shreveport, we are the only security company in the Ark-La-Tex to provide local professional monitoring and service. Have the piece-of-mind that comes from using a local professional you can count on, for Alarm Security, Fire Systems, Access Control Solutions and Video Monitoring. Call today for more information:318.688.4698 or 888.231.1744
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