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False Alarm Prevention

False Alarm Prevention


A false alarm is most commonly defined by the police department as any alarm signal which elicits a response where no actual emergency exits. The key word is response.

If a response by police does not occur, that is if the alarm is canceled before they are called, actually arrive, no report is written and no citation is given.

This is important because this is the primary opportunity for alarm users to prevent costly fines from alarm signals caused in error.


Up to 98% of all alarm signals are false. Of that figure, 76% are caused by user error. That is, accidents in setting the system improperly or not properly securing the building prior to setting the system.

Equipment malfunction (alarm) accounts for approximately 10% of the total false alarms, and weather, phone line problems account for the remaining 14% of all false alarms.



  • Inspect your motion detectors, door & window contacts, alarm screens and any other alarm components for dust, spider webs, moisture, and anything else that might interfere with proper operation.
  • In the event of a false alarm, find out what caused it and take steps to ensure that it does not happen again.
  • Cancel all false alarms immediately.
  • When construction or repairs are scheduled on your home or business, call Guardian and alert them not to dispatch during the construction period.
  • Notify Guardian if you will be away from home for an extended period of time. Also notify Guardian when you will return. Give Guardian your revised call list for the period while you are away.
  • When call list verification sheets are sent out please update and send back.
  • Make sure that pets are not loose in a room that has motion detectors.
  • Do not allow any moving items to remain in an area where a motion sensor is located. Do not stack any items in front of a motion sensor. Loose banners, swinging plants and balloons cause false activations.
  • Make sure that all your windows and doors latch securely to eliminate false alarms from wind or from someone accidentally jiggling your door.
  • Eliminate any rodent or other pest or insect problem from your home or business. These are a common cause of alarm activation.
  • Quickly repair broken windows or holes in roofs to ensure that birds, cats or other animals can’t enter and set off your alarm.
  • Ensure that everyone who uses your alarm system has been trained in its operation and knows the correct code. This includes employees, janitors, delivery personnel, domestic help etc.
  • Finally, call Guardian Alarm Systems (318) 688-4698 or (888) 231-1744 with any questions.
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